The facts
Robert van de Leensel (March 21st 1971) was born and raised in a small town in the south of the Netherlands. As a young kid his main interests were soccer and playing the drums. Little has changed over time, except that many more flavours were added: science, sports, music, writing, spirituality, traveling, teaching, summer camps, charity projects and many more. After his Master degree in Econometrics at Tilburg University and a PhD degree at the University of Maastricht he traveled the world for over two years. It is safe to say he was deeply infected by the traveling bug and in order to survive needs to see more and more of this beautiful planet we live on.

At the age of 14 he wrote his first song and many more have been added since. His songs are inspired by the many things that happen in live and things he experienced while traveling the world. He grew up listening to Pop and Rock, and this is definitely a big part of his own style of playing and writing. But his interests and songs cover many other areas as well, such as naked singersongwriter tunes, and styles such as country, blues, funk, jazz, dance, Cuban, Brasilian. Basically, if is has melody and it grooves, he is into it and will write you a song.

The philosophy
Let´s face it: nobody wants to do shit we don’t wanna do. And this Doctor of Dreams got to experience this first hand. It is all summarised in his personal life philosophy:

“Do what you love and you’ll love what you do” – RvdL

We all have our unique talents, our unique things that we can offer the world, and nobody knows better but ourselves. So Let’s create a world and society where each individual can develop their unique talents and skills, where each individual can shine and blossom, and not only show their talents to the world, but also put them to the use of future generations.

Current business
This Doctor of Dreams has something great to offer. In one word: quality Love. It is real, it’s sincere, it´s the truth, and this shows itself in different forms ranging from humoristic songs to greater depth. Good songs, good live shows and a good overall message. If you would like to see him in a love show please contact us.